From Riot Shields to Polished Concrete Worktops

Yesterday at the Carrot HQ there was a bang at the door. Outside a lorry was parked containing a humongous sheet of clear glass-like material.

To set the story, for a long while now we’ve been searching for a versatile material that we can form our products on, which won’t be destroyed after a couple of uses, something that’s strong, scratch resistant etcetera etcetera.

We contacted many, MANY different companies and manufacturers all over the country and world in fact to find something suitable, but finally as is often the case found the perfect supplier in our own fair city of Cardiff.

We spoke to them at length about our requirements and the bashing the material would take. With no pause for thought the response came back – “riot shields”. The material which best fits our spec is the same stuff the police use to take on rioters and reprobates!

So we are now the proud owners of a giant riot shield. We can form perfectly smooth polished concrete furniture, polished concrete worktops and many more hand-crafted products using our new combative purchase. The question is, will it stand up to a hammering from the boys at Concrete Carrot? Only time will tell.