Long overdue update

So its a few years now since we’ve blogged. You can’t really call it a blog as a consequence…more of a blurgh!

So it’s time to make amends dear reader and start afresh! Since our last post in November 2014 (I know, I know!) we’ve doubled our floor space, we’ve invested in kit, we’ve taken on more Carrotteers and generally grown up. Well a little at any rate. We’ve formalised things a bit, such as “eggs at 11”. Every day we sit down and have 3 eggs on a slice of toast… at 10.  “You crazy guys!”, I hear you shout.

In that time we’ve done a lot of work with Nando’s. I mean A LOT of work. They are a fantastic company who deserve a blog post all of their own really. It’s really not all about the chicken with these guys. From the construction side which we are heavily involved with, all the way through to corporate (which we are lucky enough to get glimpses of from time to time), they have this amazing ethos. Anyway I digress!

Also during that time we’ve been lucky enough to work alongside a number of award-winning design houses and have been involved with award-winning projects. We’ve without question been challenged, we’ve without question made mistakes which can be stressful and costly but all told its been AMAZING!

Nando's Putney Kitchen - Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Winner

Nando’s Putney Kitchen – Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Winner

I personally love Monday mornings! I can’t wait to get into work. I enjoy every aspect of it even the stress (and I suspect a few more of Team Carrot do too although they won’t admit it!)

So anyway, bring this short but sweet blog post to a close I am bound to solemnly swear that I will not ever ever never ever again leave such a huge gap between posts. I promise. Definitely no fingers crossed. Promise.