It’s Been A While!

Wow! How time flies! Our last post was back in April which is a disgrace I know. But in our defence, we have been chokka (excuse the spelling).

We’ve had loads of different projects on, but in between we’ve been checking out new concrete materials and nano-technology sealers, we’ve been testing our design skills, we’ve been building a catalogue of interior products and to top it all off we’ve been put to the grind stone by quite a few designers to come up with samples and solutions to meet their zany ideas! Oh and we’ve been REALLY busy having a beard-growing competition.

The results of our hard graft has made us rather excited to say the least…..


We will shortly be opening an online store so that you can purchase our wares, all handmade of course.

So over the next few weeks you will see a lot of activity, definitely lots more product news and without a whiskers doubt an update on the beard competition.