The Carrot Showroom!

Well the first quarter of the year is almost complete. Scary huh!

In the last month we’ve put considerable time and effort into the refurbishment of our office/showroom. Prior to us working our orange magic, the space was a barren, dirty, cold entrance room, which led to the main factory workshop. As such it inevitably became a dumping ground for materials when we first arrived 12 months ago.

In the last month its had more coats of paint than we care to remember, new doors, a re-wire and bright new LED lighting. Next on our agenda is the really exciting bit – a concrete floor!

Okay so it does already have a concrete floor but the type you find in an old garage. We’re going for a smooth shiny polished concrete floor, again hand crafted by our own fair hands.

Once complete we can start filling it with our wares. We’ve already started to put kitchen units in as you can see from  the picture (too eager so we’ll lay the floor around them!) so you can guarantee a range of stunning polished concrete worktops. We’ll definitely be showing off our new range of lighting with our rather special concrete light shades. The finishing touches however are currently top secret. We can offer just one clue – they may be concrete!