Sworn to Secrecy!

I suppose as per standard, we’re due another wrist-slap for the tardy updates and as per standard we’ll trot out the same old excuse – We’ve been busy!

Ok not a great excuse but between expanding our floor-space, re-organising HQ, developing our product line launch and working on any number of projects we’ve not had much time to surface for air!

Talking of projects, we’ve worked on a few commercial jobs recently where we’ve been sworn to secrecy by the client. Is it because they don’t want hundreds of Carrot fans swamping their establishments I hear you ask? Sensible guess, but no. It’s because the client has planned a grand unveiling and we’ve been told to keep schtum! Fair enough really given that we are normally just a tiny part of a much bigger project. Doesn’t stop us from wanting to blurt it out every five minutes to any random stranger we bump into!

But now of course the projects are done, the grand unveilings have taken place and we are allowed, in the words of Paul Weller, to shout it to the top!

So back in September we installed two absolutely MASSIVE trough sinks in the new Nando’s Restaurant in Chesterfield. It was a relatively new experience for us working alongside shopfitters. The team there were epic. Nothing phased them and they took everything in their stride. Like when two Welsh guys turf up with a couple of trough sinks weighing 150kg each. “Yeah, just pop ’em over there” we were told!

A month later we revisited and there they were in their final glorious resting place the restrooms as they say State-side (sounds better that “the bogs”). And quite frankly the look awesome!

Around the same sort of time, we were also working on a bartop for the Greenwich Kitchen restaurant and bar. Another complex and bespoke design, the bar whilst simple enough once installed with its sweeping horseshoe shape and bullnose edges, posed quite a challenge to ensure each section matched up perfectly once bolted in place on site. We hope you’ll agree with us from the photos, that it is a triumph! Understated and yet a focal point for the whole establishment!


Of course, we can’t take credit for the overall design on either project. We worked alongside B3 Designers on both jobs and they are great to work with. Challenging in terms of design yes, but we like that and I think they quite like the fact that we are up for the challenge too!

Take a look at the photos and see what you think. Better still pop along to either and make up your mind using the old fashioned touchy feely way!